Curtain Raising Event

Curtain raising event was organized by Mr. M .M . Mummigatti  at Hotel Naveen, Hubli. All different sources of media witnessed the website and logo release of Karnataka International Film was inaugrated by Mr. Suman Talwar ,famous actor in many multi language movies  and along with many delegates listed below

  •  Shri. SA RA Govind Ex President – The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore
  •  Shri. N. M. Suresh Vice President – Film Federation of India, Mumbai
    Honorable Secretary – Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore.
  •  Suman Talwar – Indian Film Actor (Telugu Cinema, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada Films)
  • V.P.V. Yugka Murrthy Vice President – Indo Latin American Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi
  •  D. K. Ramakrishna (Praveen Kumar) – President, Kannada Film Producers Association, Bangalore
  •  R Dhanraj – Nation Award Winner, Film Producer