Nava Karnataka Film Academy

Main Objectives



To build and establish a entire Film and Cinematic Eco-Systems which includes  Sustainable Infrastructure for  Film City, Movie & Cinema Making, Development of  Art and Culture ,Folk and Local Art ,Media, Advertisements ,Music, Design and Technology and all the elements to market and distribute the Films, Music Albums, Art and Cultural Activities in India and any Foreign country  .

To promote the activities of Films, Cinema, Art and Culture by organizing Festivals, Symposiums, Training Programs, Seminars, Study Tours, Road Shows, Commercial Launches, Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, and Research work, and to work jointly with any Organization, University & Film Institutes to fulfill the objectives of the trust or conduct any other event related to the main objective of the Trust.

To avail benefits, Loans from any Banks, Grants from the State and Central Governments, CSR from Private Organizations, Corporate, Universities and Institutes.

Dr. M. A . Mummigatti

Chairman of Navakarnataka Film Academy